Thursday, October 14, 2010

Huey Mack :: Bright Lights x Long Nights (Mixtape)

Huey Mac drops a dope mixtape, but GMAD explains it so well that I'll just let you read that.  Mixtape x GMAD 'bio' after the jump.

If you are unaware of Huey Mack’s talent, I will give you my feelings of the mixtape Bright Lights and Long Nights, from front to back. Huey Mack mixes it up often, with quick rhymes and sweet hooks to other, slower songs with dope beats. He even brings in some features that will amaze you, as well. Huey Mack surprises me with this mixtape, which happens to be pack with 21 tracks. If you listen the whole way through, you may find some hidden skits, like the theme song to the popular 90′s Nickelodeon show “Doug” which takes you into Take Me Back, which Huey raps about wishing he could be living in the 90′s again. A litle more in, he raps about hoping to be more popular on the “Popular” song which has a beat that has been very very popular on GMAD. Then, star power emerges with four straight tracks. On “You’re a Star,” Huey brings in his boy from Pittsburgh, Jo Christo, who kills it singing and giving us a optimistic message to keep our heads up because you could make it if you try. On “Live it Up,” which we featured quickly after he posted it on twitter, he raps over the Passion Pit song “Sleepyhead,” working magic saying, “I don’t worry about tomorrow till the night ends.” Huge momentum continues when later moves on to remixing Rihanna’s “Unthinkable (I’m Ready),” which I actually like better than Drake’s remix to it. On the next track, “Let’s Just Say Goodbye,” he want to push a chick away because she and her friends think she is better off without him, he would rather not hear all the rumors, so he wants to let her go. Moving on, he exclaims in “Cheers” that he will continue to do what he does and will make it to the top one day. Then, a surprise overcame me because I know I must have recommended him to sample John Mayer’s “Who Says,” but I have no recollection of the conversation, even though I have been recommending people to sample that song for a couple months now. He says that it was just a random beat he got sent and loved, but I have a feeling I was involved. He takes John Mayer’s song and remixes it with Towelie asking “Wanna Get High” and still includes John mayer singing “Who says I can’t get stoned? Turn off the lights and the telephone. Me in my house, alone, who says I can’t get stoned.” Ending this long review and mixtape, Huey uses another sweet sample to display that he has good taste and complements his rapping very well in Don’t Stop Lovin Me.” Overall, this mixtape is something to pick up based on the great number of tracks that have something special. Become a fan of Huey Mack on facebook.
                                                   ~ cfen (GMAD)

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